Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lesson learned.....

Another surprise in my email! This one is from Jess. Did you notice it's a recipe card? AND if you like Mushrooms you might want to try this one. It sounds so YUMMY!

Barley with Mushrooms

AND I just love the hot pink, bright oranges and greens that she used who would have ever thought!

My recipe cards are in a shade of brown. I really like brightening up the recipe box.

All the files below are 40% off now until the 14th of July!

With so many taking vacations to the beach the BEACH Mega Pack can help you scrap ALL of your memories!


This file is packed with 19 die-cuts and over 60 titles.You could complete a whole album with the files in this pack.

The formats that are available are .ai, .gsd, .KNK and .wpc. AND soon they will be offered for the Cricut users in .svg & SCAL, I will announce when the new files have been placed in the store.

I don't think we will be seeing a beach this year but I have tons of photos to scrap from a few years ago and I'm so excited because now I can get some scrapped.

Instead of the beach we've been hitting the amusement park, like weekly! Last week I rode the new Evil Knievel it was the first roller coaster ride I enjoyed! Being nice and smooth with no loops, side-way turns or going upside down! I think those days are over for me!


With this file you can stretch the roller coaster to fit a 12 X 12 page. Unless of course you need it smaller which you can do!

That's what's so amazing with owning your own personal die-cutting machine.

Don't you agree?


The Amusement Park signs are so easy to cut and place on any page! Use the bumper cars, Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster to continue with your theme. Each sign cuts in one piece, making it easier for you.


One of my favorite rides is the Classic Cars. They just re-opened this one last week and I let Jesse take the wheel. He could hardly steer because he was laughing so hard.

Bump! The bumper cars what fun! You can create one, two or even more with this file.


Of course this file has a few layers, but it's so fun to make and the instructions are available when you down load the file.

We have a ride called Thunder River it was our last ride the last time we visited the park. It was late so we got to go three more times with out getting out!

CS00219 I had no idea how hard it was to walk being wet from head to toe! And in flip-flops I slide almost all the way to the parking lot.

The Pirate ship cuts in three easy cuts and if you want to add some shields to the side they are in the file.


Add your title to the background or any where on your page.

I just love the Ferris Wheel! It's so relaxing after some of the thrill rides. Our Colossus is 18 stories high and you can see everything!


You can use the file all in one or take some of the cars and place them as corners. Use the inside stars and shapes for more accents on your page.

How about catching some shots with some sticky cotton candy...YUMMY!

Use the titles in this file


to show off those sticky faces. Your cotton candy can be cut several times to make one delicious page. Just don't eat it!

Remember your fun time with a Seasons Pass die-cut.


You can trim a photo to fit right inside the frame.

Use the Roller Coaster die-cut alone. It will make a great corner!

This is Jesse and my favorite ride, he's to little to ride allow! Our task is to push Julie, Lorelei or Kristen under the water fall.


AND if you ever come as one of our guest you better watch out.

We know the right place to get you stuck!

I enjoyed creating the lazy river. Which has several die-cuts you can use as seen in the image or use them alone. Be creative with the file!

AND now OUR very favorite ride, The log flume!


I always remember this ride as one you can get a little wet on but not soaked...well that was I have a story about this one!

Before we left for Six Flags I realized it was the last day to use a coupon at Old Navy...on our way out I ran into the store finding a $15.00 t-shirt. I stuffed the peach colored t-shirt in my bag to use later that day.

After the water park I put on the t-shirt over a red bra. We then entered the amusement park and the first ride was thunder river...which we were soaked. NOT only soaked but this t-shirt now clicked to my body with the red bra showing through. I was so embarrassed and trying to catch the sun as much as possible to dry out fast. Finally I was dry! The kids wanted to ride the log flume and I said well I might get a little wet but I'll hold my bag over my shirt to avoid any more embarrassment.

We loaded on the ride and just started riding towards the first curve. Suddenly, I was completely soaked. In shock I'm like where did that come from...darn it! I looked around and couldn't figure it out, it was as if someone took a bucket of water and poured it on top of me. After exiting the ride, one lady was laughing at me. I said "I think someone in the woods threw a bucket on me!" She said "Oh...NO...they have a platform where people can pay a quarter in a machine now and soak the riders with a hose. Just my luck to be one of the first to find out in my wet t-shirt...lesson learned never where a t-shirt without the proper colored bra!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!