Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Mother's Day for her to remember...


I love little mini-albums, don't you? 

I just can't get enough of them!

They are fun, easy to create and hey they can fit right in your purse to share your new creation.


They also make great gifts.  I remember my sisters face when I presented her with a special mini-album I made.  She couldn't get over the time  that I spent on making something for her and she shows it off to everyone!   She is so proud of it and most of all it shows her I much I care!

This mother's day make your mother a special mini-album. Like the one  I designed.  It's  a tag mini-album that can be put together pretty darn  fast.

Just cut out your tags,  they are all perfectly sized at 4 X 4".   Place  some pictures and titles,  punch some holes then pull some ribbon and fibers through and your done!

I think she will love it! 


And if you are like me, who's mother has passed, treat your self this mother's day, to creating some special memories of your mother with a mini  album dedicated to your mother.

I did this for my self a couple of years ago.  With a board book I made.  I found  so much healing and it brought about so many  questions that I had never thought of.  I found my self seeking others to get the answers. What a surprise it was for many of my mother's friends when I called.  They were so happy to talk about the little things she did.  Each one of them had a special memory that they no longer have to keep in their hearts.  It is now preserved in writing.


I enjoyed every minute that it took for me to make this album.  I will treasure it all of my life.mom

But most of all I have a wonderful treasure to be handed down from generation to generation.  A treasure for my family to know a little about my mother, their grandmother, their great grandmother.


HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



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Carrie Schwartz said...

As soon as Julie saw me create this little mini-tag album she snatched it and said "you can't see it till mother's day.

She loves to scrapbook!