Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Our Parish did a wonderful job of setting the mood for Julie's first reconciliation. It was so beautiful the lights were dim with a large ten candelabra that sat on the alter. The service began with a song then a reading which was followed by ten examinations of conscience (for children), each time one was read our Priest put out a candle. What a powerful message in showing the darkness of our sin.

The children, all ninety eight of them then sang a song with hand motions invoking the Holy Spirit, this lasted about seven minutes (I wish I had a video camera going it was so beautiful I was ready to cry)! Each child was lead by an usher to the confessional. When Julie returned we stepped up on the alter and placed a colored flame that she worked on over the weeks coloring a section in each day when she did some act of kindness. This was placed on a large ten foot black flame representing "sin" and now it was being covered up by grace. At the foot of the alter was a large table with candles, when then light one candle and by the end of the evening all ninety eight candles were brightly shining. The service concluded with the children singing "this little light of mine".

Then we went to the banquet center for refreshments and we ate way to many desserts. So on our way home Julie says "For real... I have a stomach ache!" I replied "Hum, for real? So on the evenings before school when you say you have a stomach ache...those aren't real?" She laughed...cause finally I know. It was a graced filled moment.... the truth coming to light...this has been a weekly complaint breaking into cries so next time she complains I'm going to remind her.....little stinker....she just always wants to be with me.


Now for you....As I'm placing Christmas files in the store I have had some help from little elves they have tucked some coupons in some of the files for you to save on future purchases, so if your one of the lucky ones you just may come across one of these coupons.
I've had a couple of personal emails on making a Christmas hopes that I do! My question is....Does anyone think they would have time? If I could make this and hold the classes open through the middle of January..... would you be interested? PLEASE Let me now as soon as possible.... I think with enough interest I could have it done by the weekend, considering I made the cover a month ago and put a lot of work into it. Leave a post here if you don't mind it's easier for me to see it. The album could be....Christmas gifts that you give to friends & family????

Tomorrow I will spread some good cheer with another file uploaded to the group. Before I go I want to thank those who have sent me emails from sharing my files. It cheers me up to hear how you will use them.

HaPpY ScRaPpiNg!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Carrie I was one of the lucky ones that got your coupon for 5.00 then I bought more and forgot to use so today I am using it. Thanks and have a great day Suzanne

Carrie Schwartz said...

OH...goody...I'm so happy you found it!