Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Christmas files

I just released some new files this past week and it's been a busy week! I haven't had much time at all to get on the computer but in between running I've created some awesome files!!!!
You can view them in the little slide on your right. I have many more that I just have to cut so keep watch for them.

Tomorrow I will give away a file from the group and make an announcement on a special surprise tucked in some of my files.

I worked on this layout using my new file "Santa going down the chimney". It's already for pictures! I'm hoping to get caught up on Christmas layouts before the big day.

I've been thinking about creating that Christmas album... I finished the cover a while back and don't know if I will have the time to complete it.... If I don't get to it by this weekend I'm going to have to let it least for this year!

If you are interested in taking a class please let me know by posting here or emailing me..... if their is enough interest I just might push myself but time is running short.

I also have a little camera broke or should I say some little toddler around here did something to it. It's very hard to use it shuts off when I take a picture and I'm a little upset with fugi since I purchased my camera four years ago. They made the smart card for it then stopped so now I don't know if I'm wanting it to be repaired. Hopefully I'll get one for Christmas!

So to take pictures of techniques is a real bear! I was doing that with my Thanksgiving class and I don't know if I have the patients right now to deal with it.

Family life- Julie goes to her first Reconciliation tomorrow night...I'm so excited one more child to step into more GRACES!!! and we need them!!! Katie has taken a career change she is going to be an Art teacher.... I wonder whose foot steps she is following! The girls Jennifer and Kristen, they are Irish twins... are asking for everything under the sun...laptops, cell phones, stuff that is way to out of our league. And Jesse, he's learned some knock knock jokes so I hear them all day long....

Have a great week!