Monday, October 08, 2007


Whew! We made it through the weekend it was busy!!!

Friday night we had the Rodeo Round Up. We had a blast and for sometime I sat and face painted. The mom who headed this seemed worried she asked me if I had ever face painted. With confidence I told her you don't have to worry about my artistic abilities. Well she hung out over my shoulder for a few face paintings then I didn't see her the rest of my time.

And on Saturday we survived the birthday party which all I can say is if I ever say that I'm going to have a party this size.... Remind me not to!

The kids refused to play any games, oh by the way thank you for all the suggestions I took them down and was ready for them. But this group of preteens would rather sit around and catch up with one another, listen to music and act silly!

They were like a huge flock of ducks. Every time Scott or I sat near them they would take off to the other side of our property. Eventually, We'd work our way over to them and they would take off back to the bonfire. Scott and I were running all over the place not to mention back up to the house to carry down pizza's, chips and dip.

When I left to get the cake up in the house two boys burned themselves one picked up a rod that someone dared him to pick up. The other was goofing around and acting like he was going to fall in the fire, guess what he slipped and fell into the fire. Nothing serious thank goodness! After plunging one boys hand in a bucket of ice water and throwing packs of ice on the other boys arm. I made them both call their parents. I think I was more freaked out then any of their parents they just said "Well they aren't crying so we aren't worried". They were picked up about an hour later. Not me if one of my children called I would have been gone right away.

After this incident I had to call for back up so my twenty year old son Brian came home. He took over the fire pit and I then I watched those on the trampoline and set up my little Julie as a spy to walk in between. Scott took care of the house seeing who was going in and out and where they were going. All I could do was convince my self that soon this to shall pass! And it did, finally parents arrived and I met this dad who works for a printing company. He's going to start saving me all kinds of papers. He didn't leave until 1:00 in the morning.

And when I hit my bed I was out! The next morning Jennifer was so thankful! I guess it was all worth it ...........but never again! I'll have a little party like ten girls but no more than that!

I only had the chance to take just a couple of pictures since they had me running all over the place... I guess I'll just have to journal the whole event!

And today Julie was off school so I took Jesse and her to the zoo. Here are some picture's of our visit.....