Thursday, September 06, 2007

Growth Chart

I'd like to hear from you if you are interested in a class to make the growth chart....

If I get as least five who are interested... I will open a group in yahoo to host the class... The class is free! But you will need to get your own supplies- papers, adhesives, ribbons and such. I will provide the files for you download with cute embellishments, the letters "SO BIG", the numbers and dashes for measuring in inches and feet.

I would like to post the supplies on the 10th of September in the group... giving you a little over a week to gather all that you need. The instructions will be posted on a daily bases broken up into sections in this way if you have any questions you could ask them that day. I know some will move ahead quickly because that's just the way they are and others just need more time, I believe this will be the best way to handle the project.

To give you an idea- on the first day we would create the base for the chart. The second day we would place the marks for measuring. On the third day we would then begin to create our layout...but you can't jump ahead here because embellishments have to be placed. If we are moving through the project.... on the fourth day techniques for the antique crackled hinges and for making those cute little polka dot ribbons.....

Did I mention this folds nicely for storage? I even have a place for a tie, so it stays closed.

So why not call your friends tell them about the class and we will get together and have a blast making a treasured keepsake for you or for a gift! Leave me a comment so I can get an idea of who wants to join.

HaPpY ScRaPpiNg!



Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I am interested in joining. Sounds fun. Shae

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds great! Thanks for spending your time with us!!


Carrie Schwartz said...

I think it WILL be fun!!! I already have all the instructions and supplies from the classes so it won't be a stress for me..which is a good thing!. Yes my time will be spend with you in this way I thought we would get to know one another a little better. :)

So as of now it looks like we have three interested Shae, Deb & Nikki!!!

Let's see if we could drum up some more guest over the next couple of days.

Have a great day!

craftymum said...

I'd be interested in making one for my nieces - my kids are both a bit too big for one now :-(
Should be fun

Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Margaret!

I'm so happy you would like to join us!

I'm getting more and more excited about the class!


Mary said...

Hi Carrie!

What a cool idea. I would love to join you an everyone else for the class. I have twin girls that are 3 and I have never done a growth chart, but I can't wait to start now!

Sacramento, CA

Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Mary! OH... how precious twin three year old girls! My youngest Jesse is three almost four, they would have a great time playing together. I noticed you live in Sacramento one of my very best friends lives in Roseville that's very close to you, isn't it?

Thanks for signing up!