Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sneak Peek of new files...

I'm sorry that I left you all hanging! I didn't realize how busy this weekend could get when I posted to guess my next theme. Since Scott was feeling better we took advantage of being invited to some friends where we played corn throw and roasted marshmallows, then on Saturday we had some friends over and Sunday we took off to the park then the drive-in to see "Toy Story 3" with the weather so nice we had to take advantage of it.  On Monday we had a friend offer to help get some much needed work around the house.  Yep it was busier then I anticipated and we began the weekend with no plans.  

Here are the files:

"Center Stage"
In this file you will find some  curtains (that cut in three pieces) with two different sets of toppers, two sets of stage light cans and the spot light. The picture to your left and below are showing the valance styles of the curtains. 

The top picture shows a swag scalloped valance  where the picture to your right shows a more straight valance with scallops.  I created two sets so that you can use them according to your needs.  If you need more room then maybe the second valance will work better.  

Each file was created for a 12 X 12 page although for saving purposes I have shrunk them by 20%.

Pages using "Center Stage"

 Tamba, created the next two pages using some of the files found in the "Center Stage" package.  

She created this wonderful title page by cutting three velum over lapping them and placing her title it really makes for a classy page.

 Her she used the top spot light cans to add a special touch for another page.  

It looks so professional!

 "All the World's a Stage"

This is a fun file with musical notes, drama mask and the title
"All the World's a Stage".  

You can use all of the die-cuts in this or just one to add that special touch to your page.


Every stage needs a microphone!

This file come with the pieces to complete on microphone and a microphone with it's stand.

Once you've cut the pieces it's so easy to put together to create the page you want.

"Stage Set"

I just love the way this file came out! It was inspired by Tambra's title page. Although these lights can be set any where. Flip the lights upside down and you can direct the lighting from the floor. 

This file contains: three light cans, three spot lights (already angled for ease of placement), a microphone and stand and an audience. 

I was amazed at the response to the post when I sat down this morning to read and look at everyone's guess.  If you didn't have a chance to look the guesses where: gymnastics, circus, marching band, school orchestra, choir, magic, sports, band, ballerina, dance, Cirque, Nutcracker, theater, theatrical, mime, Ringling Bros. Circus, dancers, on stage, drama, film, talent show and American Idol.  Wow!  What great guesses since these do fit being performers in one way or another

Although the guesses where really good we have to stick with the original idea of my theme which was created for theater, stage, drama, choir but considering that dancers and talent shows are performed on the stage I will accept the those.  So I need a favor from you ladies if you could please (I've lost many emails when my computer went down) email me so I can send you one of the four files, in that email place in the subject "What's My Next Theme?" then in the body of the message tell me what file you want and the format that you need it in.  Ok so if your guess was one of the above please email me.  Here is a link to email Carrie's Creations

The drawing will be done this evening- since I need my helpers!  
Thank you for understanding, you are all so wonderful and thank you for playing!!!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Caroline said...

sent an email to you. Great files Carrie! I love the Spotlights!

Anna said...

Adorable files!!! So many possibilities.