Monday, February 02, 2009

Make something special for you Valentine!

New for Valentines coming to my Paperthreads store soon!

Each design is carefully hand drawn so that you are receiving an original die-cut! Yep even the hearts are created by hand! My die-cuts are cut and tested before ever going into the store so that you are receiving a quality file. If you ever have any problems just email me by clicking the link on my side bar. After downloading the file you will receive the image, illustrated instructions and file formats of .gsd, .ai, .KNK and .wpc.

CS00352 Love Word Album

When you open this file you will not only get the outline of the word album, you will also have the letters and hearts, this way you can cut your letters and hearts in a different pattern paper. It's so easy to make just follow along with the illustrated instructions and you will have this cut in no time.

Once you are finished cutting bind with your favorite ribbon or fibers.

Use the Love Word Album as a unique display on a shelf! Or make one as a gift.

CS00353Love Angels

I wanted to create something for those who like the look of elegance yet don't want the tedious work in a detailed file. The love angels I believe give a look of elegance to any paper project. You can use them on cards, in a scrapbook page or a Wedding invention.

You can also use the design on a candle, just wrap it around a thick candle and adhere. Use the love angels as a mask to create a unique background or decoupage onto a "treasure" box!

The treasure box could be filled with all of your favorite memories, cards or notes from you love.


Heart and Cupid Borders

I just love the look of a border! You can do so much with the them, like place a title over them, make a unique frame. Use them as a mask to create your own scrap book pages.

The list goes on if you just think of how you can use them! How about wrapping around a box or candle? And don't forget to use them on a card!


Heart Frame

Have a special picture you would like framed? The heart frame is already for you to size to your needs. It's easy to cut and as a bonus use the little insides as corners!

Valentine Muse


I just love creating a muse!

The challenge to make a usable muse is always worth the work! What I really love about using a muse is the fact that you have a theme, all in one! AND all you need is just one piece of card stock.

Use the muse for a background for a photo or title. Make a mask with it, I happen to like creating my back ground pages...can you tell?

Valentine Oval Title


The Valentine Oval Title is made up of three merged ovals that you layer on top of each other. What is fun about this one is you can cut each layer in different patterns to fit your theme.

Use the title for cards, a scrapbook memory page or use as in your favorite paper craft project.


Cupid Love Angel

He's ready to bring some love to your pages, a simple cut to get what you want! Use the four die-cuts in this file together or size them for using each piece alone. The bow and arrow would make a unique corner on a photo or mat.

The cherub can be used besides a title or to fill up some negative space on your page.


CUPIDS paper piecing's

I have to admit these are my very favorite!!! I don't believe my pictures came out as cute as the originals. I've been running around the house sharing them with everyone and they agree how cute they are!

I strive to make my paper piecing's as easy as I can so you have the least amount of piecing's to adhere.

The file includes a step by step illustrated instructions to make the cherubs as shown. You will need an acid free maker to add the eye brows and eye lashes. Everything else is there for you to make.

Some times I am asked what product do I use to adhere the little pieces. My favorite product is "YES" paste. I like this product since the paste sticks and has proven to "stay"! When using "YES" paste for little pieces like the eyes, nose and mouth I use a very thin brush. I also use the paste on bigger projects like my growth chart. If you use a credit card you can get a thin layer down on your paper to stick to anything. Once again it has always proven to stay!

If you are new to my work you might want to check out all of my previous Valentine files in my store. There are titles and wonderful die-cuts that can help you make something special this year. Watch for my sales to get them at a discount, I'll be running many sales this month.

Thank you for looking at my new die-cuts and most of all thank you for purchasing my files!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



avagdro said...

Thank you Carrie Schwartz for sharing such a beautiful designed cards.So cute ,so simple.Wish you and all across the world a Happy Valentine ahead.

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kswjeff said...

Carrie, I tried uploading a card for your challenge, but it said file was to large. I've not done this before so any suggestions. It was just one card picture. Thanks,