Saturday, October 25, 2008

Store and Forum are good to GO!

Thanks to Michelle's persistence and hard work she was able to save the store and most of the forum. I am so proud of her! Most of all so thankful, here she was getting away and had to spend hours in her hotel room trying to find where the hacker(s) put the problem. She did discover it and was able to recover as much as she could. Let's here it for Michelle who really needed a break yet stepped up to the plate as a responsible owner of the best store/forum on the Internet!

I was hoping to get this news to you last night but had cheerleaders here making a break through banner for the football game today. It turned out really nice and I hope to get you some pictures.

Jennifer and I are now preparing for a Mother/Daughter luncheon with the wonderful host from Pure Fashion. We will be at a very exclusive restaurant which over looks the Arch. A professional will be teaching us etiquette, and if you ever ate with Jennifer you would understand why this event is very important!!! Scott has often said if she doesn't clean up her eating habits we will never marry her off. I'm very excited to go it's been a busy few weeks and I'm looking forward to the afternoon away with some wonderful like minded ladies and their daughters.

Hope to get some great pictures too!

Have a great weekend!