Sunday, September 21, 2008


many new things are going on here... with the school year in full swing the girls have had many new oppurtunities that they have sought out... and our schedule is getting full!!!

Jennifer and Kristen are now cheerleaders for the 7th and 8th grade football teams...we have practices once maybe twice a week with each saturday being the game day.

Julie joined Brownies and is so excited that mom will be attending some of the functions like camping. It will be our special time together she says.

The girls have also enrolled in our PSR program where they will learn more about our Catholic Faith. With Jennifer receiving the sacrament of Confirmation in May!

Our biggest and most exciting news!

Jennifer applied for and was accepted into the 2008-2009 Pure Fashion Show.

Yesterday we attended her first gathering where we heard from Leah Darrow a contestant from the third episode of America's Top Model. It was an ispiring meeting where I have to admit they made more cry more then once. And I just thought it would be an informative meeting. It truley is a movement of the spirit.

The girls were seperated into teams where they where able to meet the top models in a more personal matter. The mother's heard from the volunteers and a mother who witnessed the transformation of her own daughter who attended last year. More tears flowed!

When we were reunited they had a fashion show for us! The fashions... designs the girls made using a roll of toilet paper. It was so adorable and you could already see how the girls where already confortable with in there team.

From the meeting Jennifer and I met up with the rest of the family at our old parish. It was like a family reunion! Septemberfest where the kids ran around with friends and cousins. And the fest ended with a wonderful fireworks display.

Yes we do have a full schedule this year! But it's all good things and I'll have lots of pictures to share...that is if I can remember to bring my camera!

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Have a blessed Sunday!