Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm sorry about the long delay... You guys know me I get so darn busy.... it's hard to keep up the blog with such a big family and so much going on.

Over the weekend I brought the kids to see Enchanted it was the most adorable movie... I smiled throughout the whole thing and at times roared with laughter...Jennifer said I embarrassed her....but don't all mom's embarrass their thirteen year olds? You have got to see this new Disney movie!! It is enchanting!

We also went ice skating- oh so much fun. Lorelei and Jesse had a difficult time but Julie she took off! I was glad Brian and Katie went with us.... they helped with the little peeps and I tried to get use to wearing hockey skates because the figure skates were killing my ankles....never had that problem. It's different skating in those hockey skates at first I wasn't sure how to stop....but thank goodness I only fell forward slowly and didn't do to much damage. I still am a little weary of going around the curve, haven't figured out how to maneuver my feet...but with some time I'll get it. We are planning to go back this weekend and skate with Santa...wish my camera wasn't broke...I'm missing so many great moments.

On Sunday....Scott surprised me with some VIP tickets to see the RAMS. That was my first professional football game... I was amazed at all the hype going as we walked to the stadium. Bands playing, people cooking out of their tailgates... I've only seen this on tv! Boy do I miss out on a lot!

But......we had a blast...we stayed in a luxury suite filled with fabulous foods... I ate the whole time we were there! Well.....it was free so I took advantage.... We met new friends, enjoyed a fantastic game which we won against the Atlanta Falcons.....

This week I worked on a tutorial for the NEWSLETTER, showing how to apply snow to your projects. The other designers have been working hard on their articles. And there will be free files given away so if you haven't singed up you can click on the link to do so. If you delay you won't get this months issue.

Now for a file for the group.....

Have a great day and don't forget St. Nicholas feast day December 6th...I've got to go get shopping!

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