Friday, October 26, 2007

Good morning

I'm sitting here taking a sigh of relief while drinking second cup of coffee. I just put Julie on the bus after two weeks of staying home and nursing her. It's a good feeling seeing here board the bus with a big smile! Just crossing my fingers that we don't get slammed with homework.... it's going to be a busy weekend!

Saturday night Scott and I are going to our first costume party, we just never use to get out and I can't wait to see all my wonderful cousins and great Aunt. Still not sure what I'm going to dress up as? I do have a flappers dress but I need to find a pin striped suit for Scott, maybe I'll run to Good will this weekend.

Sunday we have Lorelei's birthday and I better get her something good she's such a good little girl, I want to find her something very special! Then on Monday , Jennifer, Kristen, Julie and I have a report and display due, YIKES we haven't even started it's for PSR we are suppose to pick an unfamiliar Saint. At least we know who we are choosing, St. Louis De Montford, one of my favorites! And one of Pope John Paul II, who would carry his writings in his back pocket renewing his consecration to Jesus every thirty-three days. But we need the details so I guess we are going to be cramming this in. And we will be putting the Klic-N-Kut to work making a beautiful display. I'll have to share pic.s when we are finished.

Last night I began cutting the first two pieces for my next class... I am so excited about it and hope to have some pictures of the album by the end of the weekend so you can start thinking if you want to sign up.

Don't forget to look in our forum for another surprise and I have a file in the store at Paperthreads to give away so make sure you go there to download it. While you are there check out the 33 % off on my fall super files, before you know it you'll have some awesome layouts done.

Before I go I would like to thank all of you who have purchased my files! It's such a reward to see that my designs are enjoyed!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!



Anonymous said...


Thank you for all your work. I love your files and love to check out each day what is new. Thank you for helping the creative challenged like me!!!


Anonymous said...

Such cute new files--I love the turkey!!!! Thanks for all you share with us!


Carrie Schwartz said...

Oh Mindy... that's really sweet of you to say! I'm glad that you enjoy my files!

And Nikki your very welcome... I like the turkey too!

HaPpY ScRaPpInG!