Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you for the votes!!!!

I appreciate everyone who voted for my picture... I just found out that the company has many many complaints against their practices. Thanks to Jennifer Adkins who did the research for me! I am removing the link and if you submitted a photo to them ignore their emails!!! They are making an offer to publish your creative work and then they want you to purchase the book... complaints have been filed against them. People never received their book, many photos in the book that others received are stock photos... their are just to many complaints against them... It's a shame!!!

That's my bad news of the for the good news.......

My KNK element is on it's way!!!! YEAH!!! I'm so excited about this... you know I loved my wishblade but when designing for others you just need to cut faster and have crisp clean cuts every time!!!

I'm looking forward to many things that the Klic-N-Kut has to offer..the maximum cutting width of 8.5 inches and 500 grams of force! Which will cut thicker materials like chipboard and funfoam. It comes with 2,000 True Type Font CD, you know I love to work with fonts!

This will be good for you too!! I won't have to wait to get files converted... I will be able to work faster leaving me some more time to get files to you... My work will be more detailed.... I can't wait for it's arrival.... It should be here on Wednesday!!!

So to celebrate I am giving away one of my files "We all scream for Ice Cream".




Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your photo--it is really an cool photo though!!

The file is awesome--thanks for sharing it.


Carrie Schwartz said...


I was a bit upset about the news... I just wish we didn't have to worry about scams!

So glad you like the file, but don't eat it!