Monday, July 02, 2007


I don't know about you but around here we have had non-stop fireworks every evening since the weekend. The excitement is mounting..... I just love the fourth of July, celebrating with friends and family as we gather at our house to barbeque, play games then jump in our cars to head to the nearest fireworks display at the park. Then I get all chocked up thinking how blessed we are to have such freedom. And it wouldn't be the fourth around here if we didn't head down to fair St. Louis on one of the evenings to watch the greatest fireworks displays in the world. I hardly get to see them since I'm running around trying to catch that perfect picture to remember the excitement of my children's faces. I hope you have your camera charged and ready for all the excitement!
There's plenty of excitement being planned at the Paperthreads store and forum starting the fourth of July, you won't believe the sales! And we are giving away awesome files as presents to celebrate Christmas in July. The Christmas trivia game will be running all month with a new twist so be ready for my post! And I hope you were able to sign up for the B-I-N-G-O, cause there are mega gifts there.
Since the sales are so tremedous and we are giving many files away I'm not going to be offering a daily free file, but you never know when I might just post one?
Well Merry Christmas and Have a wonderful 4th of July.